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Well, if I am an Independent man (as working, single and living alone), my first concern is ME... my career, my money, my car, my stuff... I don´t feel more threatened by women than I do by other men, I really just try to work hard my way out. But when we are talking of a couple, then there´s really no I, but US... there has to be a balance and lots of cooperation between us so we can really be together, otherwise doesn´t work.... When I think about it, it´s really better this way, cooperation not competition. I don´t want to be her boss, I want to be her partner. What you think?


I agree wholeheartedly.

My wife and I do have divisions of labor where one of us takes the lead on certain issues because our personal skills fit that area a little better.

But even then most decisions are made jointly.

And I think that's maybe why we fight so rarely. No power struggles. We each have areas that we are passionate about and areas where we are happy to be in a more supportive role.

If it's not a 50/50 deal, it's just going to be hard to make it work.

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